Training & Mentoring: Courses Offered

  • Magmatic sulfide ore deposits
  • Ni-Cu-PGE sulfide ore deposits and impact melts at Sudbury: global significance
  • Exploration geochemistry
  • Exploration strategy: discovery to mine
  • Global nickel supply and demand: laterites and sulfides

  • Past Mining Industry Training

    A classic case study forging research from the fields of economic geology, petrology, geochemistry, geophysics, and the study of large terrestrial and extra-terrestrial impact structures.

    MERC, Laurentian University (alternate years; 1997-2016). Lectures and laboratory contributions, Magmatic Sulphide Ore Deposits.

    MERC, Laurentian University (alternate years; 1997-2007): Lectures and laboratory contributions, Exploration Geochemistry.

    Guidance to post-doctoral fellows at Laurentian University (1992-1996).

    Training of HQP for mining industry; Ph.D., M.Sc., and B.Sc. supervision (1996-2016):

  • Total PhD students trained: 6
  • Total MSc students trained: 9

  • Responsible for mentoring a team of geologists in regional offices and mining camps (up to 200 Vale staff).

    Short courses designed for industry: >15 courses, some presented at multiple forums; examples (2010-2018):
  • University of Western Ontario (2018): Application of IoGAS in exploration
  • University of Western Ontario (2017): Mineral systems and ore deposit exploration strategy (with Robert Linnen)
  • Vale, Base Metals (2014): 3 day course in magmatic sulfide ore deposits for 60 geologists in Sudbury
  • Vale Base Metals (2014): 3 day course in magmatic sulfide ore deposits for 15 geologists (2014) in Thompson
  • Vale, Base Metals (2012): 3 day course in Exploration Geochemistry with Peter Winterburn for 30 geologists, Sudbury
  • Vale, Base Metals (2011): 3 day course in platinum group element exploration with Reid Keays for 45 geologists, Sudbury
  • University of Brasilia (2011): 5 day course in Magmatic Sulphide ore deposits with Cesar Ferreira Filho for 25 geologists, Brasilia
  • Vale, Indonesia (2011): 2 day short course on laterite bed-rock geochemistry for 20 geologists, Sulawesi
  • Vale North Atlantic (2010): 4 day course in Nickel Sulphide Exploration for 50 geologists, Sudbury
  • Vale, Technical Services (2006-2010): 3 day courses in exploration geochemistry and ore deposits repeated in Vale offices in Angola, Australia, Mongolia, Botswana, India and China for over 100 geologists.
  • University of Western Australia (2010): lecturer at Short Course on ore deposit geology to 40 geologists, Perth